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Modern Life Is Rubbish

Holding on for tomorrow.

the chosen one
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Monkey said to the mouse before,
If she loved anybody more than he,
It turns you into stone.
Now I'm reversing down the lonely street,
To a cheap hotel where I can meet the past,
pay off and keep it sweet.
It's sweet like nothing no,
It's just like nothing at all.

Yes I've seen you there,
How could I help but stare,
It rips the heart out of your baby.
Now I've taken far too much to see,
Or think or touch what's real.
I'm stranded on this street that,
Paved my only way home.
If You really need it,
You just won't leave it behind.
*Death On The Stairs; The Libertines*

Never Mind The Buzzcocks mood theme made by the wonderful miss_jaffacake

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